Victory in Christ 
Missionary Baptist Church
Victory in Christ 
Missionary Baptist Church

Victory in Christ Missionary Baptist Church has been established as a church that
glorifies God in the church and community. Victory in Christ mission is to develop
the spirituality of all people and to bring people in the community and on the web
to salvation through Jesus Christ. Victory in Christ Missionary Baptist Church
offers education and guidance to all who visits this site. Sermons and lessons,
under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are available online to enhance your study
of God’s Word. A personable, knowledgeable and spirit-filled Pastor in the person
of Pastor Christopher W. McShan leads through his teachings, sermons and
ministry through helping others through the charities shown on this website.
Pastor McShan and Sis. McShan are available for marriage counseling. They visit
those in hospitals and nursing homes when asked. Pastor McShan is available for
funerals upon request.  


Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalms 40:1-8

I.You must wait on God to give you training, discipline and instructions.
a) Training – seeking God through your trials, allowing God to develop patience and endurance in you. James 1:3 (Faith tried develops patience)
b) Discipline – God will correct you, admonish you and, lead you into righteous ways.
c) Instruction – Through his word God will give you the instructions to live in this life. 2 Timothy 3:16
II.In order to be used by God you must become a full-time servant.
a) Romans 12:1-2 – Present yourself a living sacrifice, set apart for God’s service, which is reasonable because he died for you.
b) You must become a servant
1) Philippians 2:1-8; you need to have the mind of Jesus Christ, secure in yourself enough to serve others for God’s glory.
When believers, with their lips commit to God, they will find out that lip service is unappreciated; God wants the hearts of men. God is looking for someone to love and obey him for his words sake. The scripture teaches faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God…Romans 10:17. It is impossible to come unto the Lord without approaching him through faith. It is easy to say “use me Lord in your 

service” but are you willing to commit to him whole-heartedly. We as believers need to have an Isaiah attitude (Isaiah 6:1-8) who when he had seen… “The Lord sitting upon the throne, high and lifted up… saw himself as being in a woeful state and undone.
Yet Isaiah didn’t just go somewhere and worry about his condition, Isaiah allowed the Lord to work on him. In our lives we need to allow the Lord to work on us. We need to allow the Lord to clean up our lips, wash our hands, cleanse our feet, and scrub our heads. Let the Lord put a hot coal on your lips so you’ll stop lying and gossiping, let the Lord wash your hands so they will be ready for lifting up to praise him in worship. Let God cleanse our feet so they’ll stop running into confusion, but will start running for Jesus. Don’t forget to get your head scrubbed, so you’ll think right, love right, walk right, talk right, be right and live right. Be like Isaiah “woe is me, fix me Lord, fix me Lord for your service.” Once God has fixed you, you can exclaim like Isaiah, “Here am I, send me”
Send me Lord to do your service
Send me Lord to do your will
Send me Lord to help mend a broken heart
Send me Lord to help someone get a brand new start
Send me Lord to love someone
Send me Lord to encourage someone

Pastors Birthday
Sermon at 1st Baptist Banning
Send me Lord to help lighten a burden or heavy load
Send me Lord to tell the Gospel story
Send me, you have cleansed me, washed me and made me new. I fit for your service now. I’m willing to be a servant. I’m willing to run the race and fight the good fight. I’m willing to stand upon the rock of Jesus. I’m wiling to stand upon the rock of ages. I’m willing to stand upon the word of God. I’m willing to run all the way.
So, you can use me Lord in your service. Use me Lord completely. Use me because all that I am and ever will be, I owe to you. Because of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour Jesus who died on Calvary’s cross for me. Jesus whose death, burial and resurrection has set me free. Because of Jesus, Lord use me.

Victory In Christ is 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization Federal ID number: 45-0489205.

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